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Irrigation, 6th Edition

Sixth Edition represents the most comprehensive reference book ever published on the evolution of irrigation systems and the many facets of irrigation systems, technologies and practices. It is a must-have reference for all water managers and those interested in advancing their professional knowledge or seeking certification.

Since the last publication of Irrigation, Fifth Edition in 1983, there has been a tremendous amount of research, innovation and new applications of irrigation products, technology and expertise that helps position irrigation as a significant contributor in the efficient use of water to grow food, fiber, fuel, and maintain the urban environment where we live.

This latest compilation of irrigation topics is divided into 30 chapters and covers agricultural, landscape, turfgrass and other applications of irrigation systems. Certified Irrigation Designer exam reference (CID-Step 2, CID Step 3-Landscape/Turf and Agriculture, CID Step-4 Sprinkler, Drip Micro and Surface).
Irrigation Association
Irrigation Association (2011)
January 01, 2011
Hard Cover Book

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