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SDI-E — Maximizing Profit & Nutrient Utilization Including Dairy Effluent for Corn, Wheat and Alfalfa Production With Drip Irrigation Systems as a Nutrient Delivery Method

Adoption of drip systems, not only for irrigation but as a nutrient delivery tool, continues to demonstrate an attractive ROI across the United States. Row crop producers are finding that their ability to manage timing of nutrients and water awards the benefit of a significant increase to their bottom line. In the past four years, subsurface drip irrigation for effluent (SDI-E) has proven to be a more sustainable and profitable method for concentrated animal feeding operations to dispose of lagoon water and reduce commercial fertilizer costs. This webinar includes a panel of industry researchers and leading growers that are using SDI-E in their farming operations to increase yields, water and nutrient efficiency, and profitability, as well as create a more environmentally sustainable operation. They will discuss nutrient application strategies and irrigation management practices in detail and show how that results in an attractive ROI on drip systems.

Electronic product available for immediate access. The recorded webinar will be available for 90 days after activation.

Electronic product available for immediate access