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An Innovative & Efficient Way to Collect PSI for Drip Audits

Learn a fast, easy and efficient way to collect pounds per square inch while performing drip audits or assessments. The IA recommends collecting psi from three points within the drip system during a drip irrigation audit. The traditional way of using a sharpened pitot tube creates waste, is time-consuming and is not the most efficient method. With this DIY, easy-to-build drip psi testing tool, you can check your three psi areas within minutes and move on to the next zone without losing a drop of water. Perhaps you are not performing a drip audit, but the system has issues that you need to figure out. With this tool, you place the rubber tip up against the orifice of the drip emitter or emitter tubing outlet, and you can move from emitter to emitter with great ease without wasting any water or poking a single hole. A psi reading is immediate and can help you quickly assess where issues are, without making a mess or wasting time.
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