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Thursday, June 24, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
This webinar will focus on applied research and demonstration related to traditional industry-standard technology, while looking for ways to reduce the costs of scientific instrumentation to provide more options to agricultural decision-makers. The session will discuss drones, low-cost water samplers for edge-of-field monitoring, temperature and humidity, soil moisture sensors, and soil infiltrometers. All of these tools are designed to be internet-connected via Wi-Fi or cellular modems.
This webinar is worth one CEU in the Tier 1 - Irrigation Training category.
  • Speaker(s)
    • Erik Wardle
      Colorado State University - Water Quality Program
      Erik Wardle is the manager of the Colorado State University Water Quality Program in the soil and crop science department. In this position he does extensive research, writing and extension work related to agricultural water quality issues including pesticide use, nutrient management, soil moisture monitoring, groundwater/surface water interactions, conservation tillage and irrigation water management. He supports the development, validation and promotion of agricultural best management practices that allow chemical users to use these products appropriately while preventing the contamination of surface and groundwater in Colorado. He works closely with the agricultural community to ensure that research and outreach efforts provide practical, real-world solutions to water quality issues in agriculture.

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