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Monday, April 18, 2022
Thursday, April 21, 2022
Technician Week is an opportunity for landscape irrigation technicians to take review courses and become certified all in one week. Technician Week will include a set of virtual classes specifically for technicians held via Zoom Monday through Thursday, Apr. 18-21, with a certified irrigation technician exam offered in person in Fairfax, Virginia, on Friday, Apr. 22nd. The four courses are an excellent opportunity to review in advance of the Friday certification exam.
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  • Speaker(s)
    • Scott D. Knowles
      Wolf Creek Company, Inc.
      Craig Borland
      The Toro Company
      Christine Hawkins
      Specification Manager
      Hunter Industries, Inc.
      Keith R. Schweiger

  • Certification Exams
    • Certification exam registrations are separate from the virtual Technician Week classes. All certification exams will be offered at the paper-pencil session on April 22. To register, select Technician Week classes, add to your cart and click continue shopping to navigate to register for exams.

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