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Monday, March 11, 2024
Thursday, March 14, 2024
Technician Week is an opportunity for landscape irrigation technicians to take review courses and become certified all in one week. Technician Week will include a set of virtual classes specifically for technicians held via Zoom Monday through Thursday, March 11-14, with a certified irrigation technician exam offered in person in Fairfax, Virginia, on Friday, March 15th. Please note that exam registration is seperate from class registration. The four courses are an excellent opportunity to review in advance of the Friday certification exam. Click on Register for additional pricing.
  • Speaker(s)
    • Scott D. Knowles
      Wolf Creek Company, Inc.
      Scott Knowles, CGIA, CIC, CID, CLIA, is the owner and president of Wolf Creek Company Inc., a distribution group that has been serving the green industry since 1961. Knowles received a degree in agriculture engineering from The Ohio State University and studied irrigation technologies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has been an instructor for the Irrigation Association for 30 years and is an EPA WaterSense Partner. He has also served as a board member of the Irrigation Association of Ohio for the past three years.
      Frederick A. Hall
      Market Development Director
      K-Rain Manufacturing Corp.
      Frederick (Rick) A. Hall, CIC, CID, CLIA, began his career over 30 years ago as an owner/operator of an irrigation contracting firm servicing the green industry. He later joined K-Rain Manufacturing Corp. in 2004 with the goal of being a voice for all green industry professionals. He currently serves as K-Rain's market development director and has traveled the world teaching and sharing his knowledge and experiences with landscape and irrigation professionals, including at many local and regional conferences. This is Hall's second year teaching for the IA; he also serves as a member of the Advocacy - Landscape Committee and is an EPA WaterSense Partner.
      Kris Loomis
      Senior Programs Specialist
      Sonoma County Water Agency
      Kris Loomis, CID, CLIA, has a passion for irrigation and gadgets like no other. Her 20+ years of experience and understanding of irrigation components along with her ability to present complex items in simple terms will make you feel at ease. She is currently a senior programs specialist with the Sonoma County Water Agency and an adjunct professor of agriculture/natural resources at Santa Rosa Junior College.
      Christine Hawkins
      Specification Manager
      Hunter Industries, Inc.
      Christine Hawkins, CID, CLIA, has a passion for teaching within the landscape industry - particularly on best practices in horticulture, water management and landscape irrigation. With many years of experience, she is still eager to learn about challenges and solutions from fellow professionals. After earning a degree in environmental horticultural science from Cal Poly, Hawkins focused on a variety of facets of the green industry. She is currently the specification manager for northern California for Hunter Industries. She collaborates with landscape architects, design professionals, irrigation consultants and municipalities on efficient irrigation systems.
      John M. Raffiani, NJ Lic Irr Contract
      Raffiani's Automatic Sprinkler Service (NJ Lic. #15137)
      John Raffiani, CIC, CIT, is the owner and president of Raffiani's Automatic Sprinkler Service in North Jersey and has been with the company since its beginning in 1966. He learned about piping, pumps, field irrigation, horticulture and soil texture at a very young age. When his grandfather began to sell parcels of his land in 1965 for housing developments, Raffiani (along with other family members) started to install lawn sprinklers and landscaping utilizing the leftover piping, sprays heads and shrubs from his grandfather's business. Five decades and 16,900+ installations later, the company is still going strong.

  • Certification Exams
    • Certification exam registrations are separate from the virtual Technician Week classes. All certification exams will be offered at the paper-pencil session on March 15. To register, select Technician Week classes, add the specific classes you would like to take to your cart, and click continue shopping to navigate to register for exams.

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