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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
The most common cause of death of newly planted urban trees is under- or over-watering. Watering prescriptions are developed to solve this problem. However, none of these prescriptions addresses the watering application efficiency: How much water evaporates, runs off, is lost via percolation and consumed by weeds instead of the tree? Without this information, the amount of water applied to trees means little. At the same time, most irrigation systems are designed for lawns, not for trees, which need much deeper watering. The real limitation is in the plant available water, no matter how much you irrigate the soil or how much rainwater falls onto it. Conventionally, you can't increase the field capacity without an expensive soil amendment, as it is defined by the texture of the soil. This webinar will review the key features of a new irrigation technology: stabilizing soil moisture and significantly boosting the plant available water without drowning the plant roots.
This webinar is worth one CEU in the Tier 1 - Irrigation Training category.
  • Speaker(s)
    • Wei Zhang, PhD
      VP for Research & Development
      Wei Zhang holds a doctorate in engineering from Virginia Tech. He has been doing research and development for the green industry for 10 years. His research areas include watering solutions for landscape plants, plant health and plant protection against stresses like drought and road salt. His work also provides novel solutions to green stormwater infrastructures, for which plants are used for the treatment of pollutants in stormwater. Zhang has more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, one monograph and more than 100 conference presentations. He has been a frequent speaker on arboriculture, landscape architecture, urban forestry and stormwater green infrastructure at related conferences and seminars. He is known as a scientist, educator and public speaker. Zhang is an American Society of Landscape Architects-approved LA CES provider.

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